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What is a Strategic Plan?

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Generally speaking, a strategic plan is developed with a focus of energy and resources around overarching goals you set for your practice that ensures your team is working toward common goals in a unified direction.

Seems simple, right?

Not so fast. When strategic planning is done right, the outcomes can be powerful and position the practice to dominate the competition. You’ll need to focus on the future. Which means leaving behind the bad ideas and embracing the unknown at times.

There are different approaches to strategic planning depending on the purpose of the planning, the life cycle or stage of the practice, the culture of people working in or for the practice, types of organizational behavior challenges the practice is facing, and the rate of change from the external environment.

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Strategic Planning That Yields Breakthrough Results

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Fully operational strategic plans are comprehensive, going further than just defining the business strategy. It embraces a holistic view of all the actions and resources needed to implement properly, such as…

  • timelines
  • resources (and when to release funds, if necessary)
  • metrics to benchmark against
  • accountability
  • rewards tied to goal accomplishment
  • risk mitigation
  • training
  • core values/competencies analysis
  • culture alignment
  • communication strategy

A robust plan allows private practice doctors to monitor progress and remove impediments to success.

Common Mistakes

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Here are some common mistakes practice’s make when creating a strategic plan on their own. Don’t worry, we’ll help you avoid these landmines…

  • Not including key stakeholders. People support that which they help create. Your stakeholders will help bring all aspects and viewpoints to the conversation. You will not only include differing opinions but also create a sense of ownership.
  • Ignoring what the data is telling you. If you’re not working with reliable, current financial and employee data you need to get it. An objective perspective is a game changer and helps eliminate the guesswork. Resist the temptation to ignore the data because it’s steering you in another direction. The market is never wrong.
  • Not measuring against key initiatives. Your metrics should reveal tactical progress against your strategic plan. Not following up on metrics will leave everyone guessing progress. Remember, what gets measured gets done.
  • Not understanding when to pivot. Your strategic plan isn’t written in stone. Once it’s implemented you need to recognize whether or not one of your initiatives is working properly. If the gap between your actual outcome is far away from your desired outcome take another look at your tactics and decide whether or not to pivot.
  • Failure to execute. This is why most strategic plans fail miserably. Planning is just the first step. In order for your strategy to work it needs to be communicated and implemented properly. Last time we checked, hope was not a strategy.

How do I know if we need a Strategic Plan?

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Here’s what our clients are typically experiencing before we begin working together…

  • Spent thousands of dollars on “wrong consultants” who don’t deliver on their promise, money down the drain
  • Have never created a strategic plan and don’t know where to begin
  • Experience several recurring issues within the practice and can’t seem to fix it (high turnover, organizational conflict, cash flow)
  • Can create decent strategy plans but can’t get their staff to execute properly even though their employees are nodding their heads during the employee meetings in agreement
  • Roles and responsibilities within the practice are not clearly defined and everyone is working in different directions and stressed out at the end of the day
  • Providers are constantly fighting fires, employees are complaining about the work environment, and stress levels are high
  • Providers feeling pressure that they’re not “keeping up” with the competition

If your practice is experiencing any of the above bullet points, you’re not alone. And, you may want to consider creating a strategic plan.

Private practice doctors have unique requirements. They are not looking for a “light weight.” They want results-driven, market-focused, practical strategy.

Our single-minded motivation: co-creating the strategic plan your practice deserves to overcome difficult challenges, make a positive impact, and deliver lasting results over time.

Offering high impact solutions that help ramp up your practice

Whether you’re getting off the ground or already running a successful practice and ready to expand or grow, our world-class strategic planning solutions have offered other private practice doctors key strategies to double their business income and bottom line revenue within the first 6 months.

Offering you unparalleled support and powerful business training so you can enjoy a life of freedom, high revenue results, and focus where it really matters – your patients!

Strategic Planning Roadmap to Success

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Assess the Organization

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Design the Strategy & Align the Mission

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Track & Pivot

There is no cookie-cutter approach. Every practice is different and requires a different strategic plan. Together, we can help your practice create a strategic plan that doesn’t get filed away on the bookshelf (never to be seen again along with the styrofoam peanuts you’re “saving for later.”)

We help our clients focus on the elements of the strategic planning process that will create the most value for their practice.

We stimulate an environment that welcomes “out-of-the-box” thinking which allows you to discover a new strategy that sets you apart from your competitors.

Since we help represent our client’s commitment and potential to their practice we plant a “stake in the ground” for what our clients can do. If our client waivers, we do not, because we help represent our client’s most ambitious, noble, and aspiring goals.

This is how we achieve breakthrough results!

We are here to help your private practice:

  • Better understand your current situation
  • Define or even rethink the practice’s fundamental building blocks
  • Articulate a desired future state
  • Explore how to get from here to there, not just in theory but in practice
  • Create a strategic plan your team can rally around and actually execute!

Your Success is Our Business

Walking alongside you, seeing the bigger picture, and offering support that turns your big vision into a tangible reality.

When it comes to strategic design we’ve seen it all, and we know what works. It’s a bold statement but one we confidently make after 20 years of experience.

Your practice must be able to adapt and create a responsive infrastructure around organizational goals without breaking down.

Propel your practice’s growth and get your team working toward common goals TODAY!

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