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Who we are

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We’re not your typical strategic advising group with normal nine-to-five office hours. We have no time sheets and no surprises. We’re available to achieve desired outcomes, regardless of your time zone.

We’re convinced there’s no substitute for work ethic. Lucky for you, we’re ridiculously talented, smart, and honest with a penchant for elbow grease and pushing boundaries.

We have one focus – Results. Achieved through creative, value-driven strategy. Resulting in bottom-line growth for you.

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Helping you create a compelling message that builds your brand and gets your employees working
toward common goals

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Leadership Boot Camp

Become a leader of leaders. No matter how tough the crowd, how large the audience or how much is
riding on the outcome

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Team Alignment

Getting your team to stop pulling in different directions and start working toward common goals by
capitalizing on their cognitive diversity

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Employee Profiling

Use objective data to uncover employee capabilities or recruit the best candidates

Client Love

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“You will love working with Kick The Ceiling. Experts at advising surgeons, physician leaders, and healthcare executives on a range of issues related to strategy, organizational development, and leadership success. What sets them apart, aside from in-depth methodologies and experience, is their style — and still holds clients accountable to improve their performance and get lasting results.”

– Andrew, CEO Center For Executive Coaching

“I have had the opportunity to work with Kick The Ceiling. They have the experience and knowledge needed to help successful individuals become fantastic leaders. Their style makes it easy to work and partner with.”

– Lindsay, CEO Healthlink Advisors

“It was my pleasure to meet and work with Erin. I was particularly impressed with her ability to handle challenging scenarios effortlessly. She skillfully listens and leads others to “aha” moments through provocative questions and critical thinking. I highly recommend Kick The Ceiling to anyone who is looking for executive coaching.”

– Phoebe, Director of HR Safran Electrical & Power

You know what we could be doing right now?

Crafting Your Strategy

Was that too forward? Sorry. We just get really excited at the opportunity to work with new people and solve interesting challenges. It’s why we show up every day. That and the free t-shirt.

Whether you’re looking to build a strategic plan from scratch, fine tune your leadership skills, get your employees working toward common goals, or something else, just give us a call to see how we can help. If it’s 2am or if you’re a little shy, drop us an email. We’ll take it from there.

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